The Case

Date: August 8, 2018

From: Al Jordan

Subject: The Case against FACEBOOK. (short version)

This problem, started with and involves Cambridge Analytica, and the absolute disregard with which Facebook had chosen to treat the member's Personal Information.

While their members information was supposed to be protected, and used for only expressly disclosed and limited purposes, without authorization, or by exceeding whatever limited authorization it, or its agents, they had improperly collected, through Cambridge Analytica, the Personal Information of over 50 million Facebook users. This is just one small example, that has opened up the flood gates to many other examples of Facebook committing fraud with their members.

Facebook, for its part, knew this and was aware of many other examples, of improper data aggregation that was occurring and failed to stop it, or actively avoided discovering such knowledge in order to profess supposed ignorance.

That was simply one of many articles pertaining to the Cambridge Analytica, there have been many others, detailing the agreement between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and what occurred.

Cambridge Analytica is a privately held company that combines data mining and data analysis with strategic communication for use in the electoral process. As part of the sign up process and while interacting with the network.

Facebook users create profiles containing significant amounts of personal information, including their name, birthdate, hometown, address, location, interests, relationships, email address, photos, and videos, amongst others, referred to herein as Personal Information. The company, Cambridge Analytica is now in bankruptcy.

Like many, I just did not think about my computer being really endangered, of being occupied by “strangers” from Facebook. I did the basic “things” of purchasing supposedly safe security software. So, after researching the available information on the Internet, and there was plenty, my Intellectual Curiosity was activated. This was about the month of February of 2018.

The question was, to myself.....What right did Facebook have to use all of my private information that they were able to acquire, over and above the basic “sign in form” information required, whether by them or their "associates"? My answer was none.

They did not have a right to access, and then sell or give my private information to anyone, outside their organization, without my expressed approval.

Their terms of service did not give them the right to sell or give away for free, trade, share or profit, my private information to third parties. And so….

Based upon all the privacy information and “lies” of Facebook, acquired from unimpeachable sources, they have invaded members computers, to access private information of their members and their friends, over and above the basic “sign in for membership form”.

They used advanced software to enter and select the type of information required for their marketing program from their members.

They then used the private information attained from their members to create Internet Marketing programs to sell, trade and exchange to any Internet entity they choose, including their third party software application programmer developers.

Because of their total dis-regard to the promise made in a “Gentlemen’s Agreement”, also described as the TOS(terms of agreement), that they would not give or sell their members private information that included telephone numbers, addresses, browsing history, credit card information, passwords, names, emails sent or received, they did so.

I have started the legal actions against Facebook in the state of California, and the court case must be conducted in their “home” county of San Mateo. That is no problem for me. I have created 139 pages of evidence, in 28 sections, most from unimpeachable sources. I have created a web site at…, it has excellent information on my efforts.

My question to you is, if a lawsuit is filed against Facebook in your country, once you view the evidence, you will understand that it is an “open and shut” case, does your client have to travel to San Mateo Country California, USA, for a court case? Or does your Country have the power, to have the court case conducted in your Country.

In this country, over 20 class action lawsuits have been filed and growing. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has started the investigation of Facebook, based upon their reckless actions on their members, and based on their promise not to repeat the reckless actions against their members as they agreed to do in a signed legal document, in 2011.

Now, if convicted, they could pay up to $40,000.00 for each member, period. That would break their 40 billion dollar bank account. So, if you have a customer, or a 100 of them, you could ask for some gigantic amounts of money from a positive judgement.

I also hope that you will have your country adopt or help enforce the European Union’s new “General Data Protection Regulation”.

That regulation, which I have a copy of, is the Facebook killer, and I would not be surprise them withdrawing from Europe, or being sued into bankruptcy. The regulation is like a wooden stake to the heart of a vampire.

In the Country of Mexico, there are over 55 million Facebook accounts, as of 2017.

Anyhow, just hope you don’t mind the information, and hope you can help destroy Facebook in it’s present form, and while doing it, profit from it.

Please advise if you need more information.




Al Jordan